New to Building with ICF?

"Building with ICFs is simple, all you do is stick 1 block on top of the other and fill it with concrete!"

How many times have we heard that? Its usually from a builder you has never poured concrete into a wall before let alone tried to build a house this way. 

Building with bricks is simple, all you do it mix up some mortar and stick one brick on top of another, but would you honestly employ someone with no experience to build a brick house for you, or try it yourself without training? No, so that's where the Logix Training programme comes in.

Our comprehensive training course is designed to cover all aspects of building with Logix, from how to handle the blocks to pouring the concrete, and from creating a doorway to applying the finishes. And it does in there, we insist on working with new builders through the pumping operation so help everything go smoothly.

If you want to learn to build quickly, safely and profitably with Logix get in touch.

Looking for an Experienced Builder

Want a Logix building, but you're not hands-on?

Let us put you in touch with experienced professionals who can tackle the project for you.

New Installers required

Due to continued demand we are always looking for new contractor/ developers tooling to Build Anything Better using Logix.
Get in touch to see how we can work together to help your business grow.
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