Logix Offers a wide range of forms to choose from depending on the structural and thermal needs of you build, based around a common design that ensures comptability between products from different ranges.
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Contractor Range

Our Standard range of forms with a 70mm panel of high density fire retardant EPS foam on either side, the contractor range range is available as a rigid formed block or flat packed, with a choice of concrete widths (102, 158, 203, 254 or 305mm) depending on the structural needs.

The contractor range is typically used for external walling, party walls and retaining walls.
Sizes available
Contractor4           Contractor6          Contractor8          Contractor10          Contractor12

Eco Range

The Eco range is completely is identical to the Contractor range with one important exception. Swapping to graphite enhanced EPS these grey block offer 10% more thermal performance than the contractor range without increasing the thickness of the block. 
Typically used for the external walls of a build these blocks and providing a U value of between 0.21-0.19w/m2k,  and offer a great combination of low width, performance and cost. For example the Eco6 range where used to build Northern Ireland 1st Code level 6 stamp duty free home.
Sizes available
Eco4           Eco6         Eco8          Eco10          Eco12

XRV Range

The XRV (xtra R value) range of Logix forms provide increased insulation by offering a thicker layer of graphite enhanced EPS. Available in a choice of 5 widths from 102mm (4") upto 203mm (8") the outer layer of foam is complete with cutting guides and markers for the plastic webs and offers great U values without the need to add or insert extra insulation. 

This is the block of choice for people looking to build low energy, passivhaus or even Energy +. For example these were used on the 1st code level 6 homes in Somerset and Derby, and on the bill defying builds at Chewton Mendip and Ditchet.

XRV codes
XRV4-5 :  the 1st number refers to the concrete core size. the 2nd number to the outer foam thickness ( in Inches)
So this block has 4", 102mm concrete core and 5" , 127mm, external foam. The inner foam is the standard 70mm.
This block will give a U value of 0.15w/m2k and is <300mm wide. 

XRV6-8:  has  6", 152mm, core with 8", 203mm, outer foam gives a U value of 0.11w/m2 k

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