Logix Eco6 straight
What are Logix ICFs? 
Logix Insulated Concrete Forms (or ICFs) are high strength, lightweight polystyrene moulded blocks.

The Logix blocks are stacked together for form the shape of the building including window and door openings, and then the core is filled with concrete to create the structure.  The Logix blocks remain in place to provide a continuous blanket of insulation around your building.  

The Logix insulation and concrete to combine the provide the most robust, energy efficient, and peaceful environment of any walling system available. 
What can you build with Logix? 
Logix blocks can be used for a wide variety of buildings, from a small extension built in a couple of days, to a grand family home. From a terrace of more urban housing to a multi-storey care home or block of flats.
Award winning Logix home, run off a single log burner
The one thing that links these different types of Logix projects is the low running costs of the building. 
Logix homes under construction
A low energy family home built with Logix
A new school built with Logix
Code 6 (Net Zero Carbon) Housing
Builders love the speed at which they can build, in any weather. They love the fact that Logix homes don't suffer from shrinkage cracks caused by "drying out" meaning less snagging costs.  

Homeowners like the warm, solid, draught free, and quiet feel of their Logix home.  They love the low running costs.
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