Logix ICFs allow you to build ultra-low energy and Passivhaus standard homes quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. 

Lightweight Logix in construction

Speed of Construction

Lightweight and easy to work with the Logix forms stack together to quickly form your building, ready for the concrete pour. During the build each sqm of wall weighs from just 6kg, which not only helps with speed of construction but reuces the need for lifting plant, and manual handling risks.

But its not just building the blocks that's fast, follow on trades are simplified, or eliminated, e.g;
  • Chasing for electrics and plumbing is easy and fast.
  • There are no breather membranes or parge coats needed for airtightness.
  • Fix drylng with screws, without dot and dab
For a more information about advantages for builders click here.

Thermal Performance

The Logix system offers 7 thickness and types of foam panel to match your thermal demands, with Logix you can build to U values as low as 0.1w/m2k ( or lower), or a 0.17w/m2k in a finished wall 300mm thick. 

But thermal performance is not just about U values.  Most buildings and walls in particular loose more heat than predicted due to inbuilt thermal short cuts. Short cuts which building with Logix avoids.

To learn to see examples of ultra low energy homes more, click  here.
thermal image of Logix home

Logix provides a comfortable interior

Comfort - thermal inertia

The Logix combination of insulation and concrete provides the highest possible levels of thermal inertia. Why is this important?

High thermal inertia minimises the heating load during a cold snap, and helps prevent overheating in hot weather. Building with Logix allows you to reduce, or even eliminate ,the need for traditional heating systems.

Quiet Homes

The sound absorbing properties of concrete walls built with Logix is a simple and robust way to make a quiet and peaceful home. 

We don't have to worry about complicated details, resilient bars, sagging mineral wool acoustic slabs, Just fill the Logix forms with concrete and screw the plasterboard into place, job done. 
Dad & Son reading in a quiet Logix home

Logix eliminates shrinkage cracks

Shrinkage free construction

No drying out times, and no shrinkage or settlement means applying the finishes to your Logix home is a job you only have to do once.

Less shrinkage means less snagging,which means happier customers and more profits.

Build all year around.

Building with Logix is not weather dependant. 

Work can continue in cold or wet weather without affecting the quality of the job. That allows you to stick to your schedule, keep your customers happy, and ultimately build more each year.
Storm approaching

No air-tightness barrier required

Air-tightness made simple

If you looking to build an energy efficient home making it airtight is an absolute must. Any air loss is money escaping in the form of heat. 

Most systems reply on lots of expensive and fiddle tapes and membranes, to achieve an airtight build, but thankfully Logix walls are inherently airtight, no membranes required, no membranes to get damaged.


Logix forms are made form up to 60%* recycled plastic. The insulation used in Logix forms is 98% air, and is so effective that it takes less than 6 months to save the  energy used its its production.

The overall built wall is either A or A+ rated in the BRE green guide for construction, depending on exact make up, and can use concretes with up to 70% recycled cement content. 
*by weight, depending on product range

Flood sign

Flood Resilience and Durability

While no one plans to be flooded, building with Logix ensures a high degree of resilience in your home, should the worst happen. 

How do you dry out and re-insulate a traditional cavity wall or timber frame that's been flooded? With a lot of difficultly, and very slowly if at all. 

Thankfully walls built with Logix forms and a concrete core are virtually unaffected by flood water. They won't support mould or bacterial growth, and can be easily and quickly dried using a dehumidifier.  

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